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PPR SPAC Onda Energy Pre-SPAC offering at 50% discount to listing price closing on April 1st 2021 details included

Post Pandemic Recovery Acquisition Company Launch of Pre-SPAC Sponsor Round for Post Pandemic Recovery, Inc.:  EUR 5.00 per Share, Maximum Offering of EUR 1,000,000 Acquisition Target:  Onda Energy Group (a Green Energy Utility Provider in Southern IT) Onda Energy Group is a leading  commercial and residential utilities provider in Southern Italy. It provides over 50,000 […]
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Join the Revolution; PPR SPAC ” Discover Italia!” Focuses on the Post Pandemic Flow of People to the Mediterranean

Onda Group is positioned for growth since more Europeans are moving to Sicily, Sardinia, and Southern Italy. Southern Italy has preferential treatment from EU and Italian investment funds for development and grants. Region is growing by population shift from Northern EU, Northern IT because of quality of life, climate, along with first world amenities. The Pandemic […]
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PPR SPAC with Onda Group Target Launches Pre-SPAC Offering as Green Energy Becomes Global Choice

“Discover Italia!” aims to merge with Onda Group as its first target company. AIM Italy allows SPACs to name their target companies. The Sponsor Group of PPR SPAC is excited about the Onda Group target which allows investors to benefit from the high-growth Mediterranean Utilities market. Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “We are excited to announce Onda Group as the […]
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Post Pandemic SPAC announces launch of Pre SPAC round for “Discover Italia!” & Webinar on Monday 3/15 at 17:30 CET/ 12:30 EST

Andreea Porcelli announced the Post Pandemic SPAC alliance with TAG investment Bank, UK to open the Pre-SPAC offering to qualified investors. Andreea was quoted: “Our SPAC target company Onda Energy is a profitable high growth play on the explosive population growth in the Mediterranean region. Currently serving over 50,000 residential and commercial clients in Italy, […]
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Join our Webinar regarding Discover Italia! Featuring Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Post Pandemic SPAC

Join our Webinar regarding Discover Italia! SPAC Featuring Andreea Porcelli, CEO of PPR SPAC. Luigi Martines, CEO of Onda Group, Italy. Tuesday March 2nd at 17:30 CET/11:30 EST – RSVP here. Italy is back as everyone’s favorite destination! The Post Pandemic SPAC has just announced the “Discover Italia!” Vertical with a focus on Italian companies […]
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Swiss Growth Forum and TAG Investment Bankers team up to promote the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC target companies

Swiss Growth Forum is pleased to announce that it is looking to work in close co-operation with TAG Investment Bankers as part of both organizations’ determination to seek investment opportunities for the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC.  The co-operation will cover fundraising, target identification and the publication of substantive sponsored investment research. Swiss Growth Forum and […]
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