Onda Energy leads as a target company for the Post Pandemic SPAC “Discover Italia!” vertical

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The Post Pandemic SPAC has just announced the “Discover Italia!”  Vertical with a focus on Italian companies expected to benefit most from Post Pandemic trends of people moving to a better climate and lifestyle in the Mediterranean region. Onda Group is a leader in the field of utility brokerage for businesses and individuals and is a primary target company for the PP SPAC.

Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “We believe that Discover Italia!” is something that people from around the world would like to do on a permanent basis! As a 22-year  part time resident of Italy, I am convinced that no country currently offers the great lifestyle choices and business opportunities that Italy does. The Post Pandemic “Discover Italia!” will invest in companies that are growing due to the huge increase in people and businesses from all over the world basing themselves in Italy now that remote working is possible in just about every sector“.

Luigi Martines was quoted as saying this about the prospect for Energy companies operating in Italy, “Onda is the market leader in Italy with a focus on the Isles of Sicily and Sardinia. Those markets provide great opportunity and we are aiming to serve over 100.000 clients in 12 months and became  public via “Discover Italia!” SPAC
Onda is the exclusive distribution for a unique app the effi100.it, the first smart meter able to enter in your house and check single consumption for single device.

Onda will be the target company for a $ 20 – $ 40 Million Discover Italia!” SPAC to be listed on AIM Italy“.

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