Swiss Growth Forum and TAG Investment Bankers team up to promote the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC target companies

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Swiss Growth Forum is pleased to announce that it is looking to work in close co-operation with TAG Investment Bankers as part of both organizations’ determination to seek investment opportunities for the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC.  The co-operation will cover fundraising, target identification and the publication of substantive sponsored investment research.
Swiss Growth Forum and TAG IB will be target company specific SPACs, which are allowed by AIM Italy.  Having a known target company means that the investor knows in advance the precise underlying investment case for the SPAC.

“I am delighted to be working in closer co-operation with TAG Investment Bankers,” states Swiss Growth Forum’s CEO Andreea Porcelli.  “From the word go, I was impressed by the banking team’s  unusual combination of entrepreneurial flare, deep understanding of the financial markets and attention to detail across a range of financial instruments.  They represent the future of investment banking in my view.”

According to TAG Investment Bankers CEO Amal Sharma, “Swiss Growth Forum and its development of the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC offer our investment clients an interesting opportunity to find fresh, targeted ideas in the key areas of healthcare and education.  Mrs Porcelli and her team’s international coverage and experience as well as her ability to empathise with the modern investor community should be an invaluable component of our future working relationship.”

In addition, SGF will continue to work closely with Chris Wickham as a consultant to the company’s investment research offering Evergreen Research.  “Chris’s international investment banking background on both the sell-side and buy-side ensures that our clients have precisely what they need in order to make informed, money-making investment decisions,” stated Mrs Porcelli.  “His approach to research is to be informative, substantive and thorough.”

About TAG Investment Bankers

The TAG Bankers Group ( is a UK company that owns TAG Funds Management (licensed financial institution in the EU) and the TAG World Exchange ( among others in order to help fund client companies. TAG has created a unique system known as the IPSO.

The Initial Preferred Shares Offering (more information can be found at  An IPSO enables a company to list, on our debt trading platform, it’s preferred shares backed by all of it’s assets for either initial capital raise or subsequent trading thereafter thus creating liquidity for patrons and investors alike.

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