UK Covid-19 Variant Sparks Renewed Interest in PPR SPAC

This weekend’s CNBC news item, which highlights the spread of the recently identified UK variant in North America, arguably has important implications for the global scale of the pandemic. In particular, Western Europe’s sizable 540 million population could experience a sizable number of Covid19 “long-haulers.” Hence, the Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC with its targeted direct business combination – Napo EU – stands out as a pertinent investment opportunity in Covid 19 related pharmaceuticals and the treatment of acute inflammatory diarrhea indications.

Key points of the CNBC story (source: are as follows:

  • The mutant coronavirus strain first identified in the United Kingdom remains at low levels in the United States but is doubling its reach approximately every 10 days, according to a study published by researchers on Sunday.
  • The study bolstered modelling done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which predicted last month that the more contagious variant could be the dominant strain in the US by March.
  • The US still has time to take steps to slow down the new virus strain, the researchers wrote, but they warned that without “decisive and immediate public health action” the variant “will likely have devastating consequences to COVID-19 mortality and morbidity in the US in a few months.”

Andreea Porcelli was quoted: “The urgency surrounding the new strains that are already prevalent in the EU, as well as the potential lack of efficacy of certain vaccines against the South African strain lead to one conclusion: there will be a greater percentage of the over all population that will have been infected at least once and will therefore experience some form of “Long hauler” symptoms. This is obviously a global health issue which governments will be dealing with for the next few years“.

The Post Pandemic Recovery SPAC ( is the brainchild of international investment banker and investor relations specialist Andreea Porcelli who has assumed the role of the SPAC’s Chief Executive Officer alongside her ongoing Swiss Growth Forum activities.

Once funded, the SPAC will be listed on AIM Italia with a stated intention of acquiring Napo EU which will in turn purchase the European licences to crofelemer on an exclusive, long-term basis.

Some market commentators estimate that Napo EU could generate around US$1billion in sales revenue for crofelemer within 5-years of being approved in the region.


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    February 8, 2021 - 11:49 pm

    As a shareholder, the big question is when there will be an announcement on when tge SPAC has been finalised and when it will start trading in Italy?

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